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Zilla UVB Fluorescent Coil Bulb

Zilla Tropical 25 Bulbs provide a full dosage of UVB along with essential UVA light Ideal for tropical or temperate dwelling reptiles that require UVB/UVA lighting Provides UVB light rays which are required for many reptiles to metabolize essential calcium

Zilla Vertical Décor for Reptiles

Attaches to the glass with a powerful suction cup Incredible natural look Lightweight and durable

Zoo Med (2 Pack) Eco Earth Loose Coconut Fiber Substrate...

Ideal for naturalistic terrarium type set-ups incorporating reptiles, amphibians or invertebrates Use it damp for tropical species as it naturally absorbs and breaks down odor and waste products Add Eco Earth loose coconut fiber substrate on top of Zoo Meds HydroBalls to create an ideal drainage layer for optimum plant growth, humidity and drainage in naturalistic terrariums

Zoo Med Analog High Range Reptile Thermometer

Velcro backing for easy removal during clean ups Precision German movement A must for high temperature species

Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle UVB Heat Lighting Kit

Polished aluminum dome increases light and UV output up to 30% Dual ceramic sockets for use with lamps up to 100 watts (each socket) Deep dome extends beyond the face of the lamp preventing the lamp from "sticking out"

Zoo Med Bird Banquet Mineral Block With Fruit

Great Source Of Calcium Birds Chew The Block To Get The Seeds Inside Beak Conditioner

Zoo Med Calcium With Vitamin D3 Reptile Food, 3-Ounce

Highly bioavailable source of calcium carbonate Free of harmful impurities (not from Oyster Shells) Use with reptiles that require vitamin D3 to assimilate calcium

Zoo Med Day/Night Tropical Lighting Kit

This product is easy to use This product adds a great Value This product is Manufactured in China

Zoo Med Digital Thermometer

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. External sensor can go in water Fahrenheit and Celsius

Zoo Med Dual Thermometer and Humidity Gauge

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Velcro backing for easy removal during clean ups Precision German movement

Zoo Med Eco Earth (3 Pack)

Eco friendly Biodegradable Naturally absorbent

Zoo Med High Range Reptile Thermometer

High Range Reptile Thermometer Liquid crystal thermometer for all types of enclosures. Ranges from 70° to 105° F (21° to