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Zoo Med PowerSun UV UVB (160 watt)

Self Ballasted Emits UVA and UVB Fits standard ceramic sockets

Zoo Med Repti Rapids LED Skull Waterfall Natural Rock Reptiles...

Adds beneficial humidity to your terrarium Medium waterfall measures 11.5 by 6 by 14 inches Features natural looking design with special waterproof LED lights

Zoo Med Reptile Lamp Stand (Large)

The larger stand easily adjusts from 8-15 (20-38 cm) long and 20-38" (50-97 cm) high to fit most standard size terrariums." Safely stabilizes suspended lamps Fits most standard aquariums and terrariums

Zoo Med ReptiSun 10.0 UVB T5HO 39W 34” Reptile Lighting...

The best fluorescent tube that we’ve ever used for our reptiles’ UVB requirements! Other tubes that we tried either don’t have adequate output in the beginning or they degrade much faster than should be expected. This UVB is necessary for your reptile’s synthesis of vitamin D3, which is essential for the effective metabolism of dietary calcium in its bones and blood. Now protected by heavy duty Kraft thick-wall tube to compensate for Amazon’s shipping inadequacies and UPS’s irresponsible abuse Some reptiles require more or less UVB than others. A UVB 10.0 Tube means that 10% of the tube’s output is UVB. Bearded dragons and similar desert reptiles require more UVB and a 10.0 tube is the better choice. Green iguanas, anoles and similar jungle / forest reptiles require less UVB and a 5.0 tube is the better choice in smaller habitats when these reptiles are younger. We also prefer to use the 5.0 tube for our translucent bearded dragons and for our silkback bearded dragons (“silkies”). This T5HO 34" UVB 10.0 Reptile Fluorescent Tube fits the Carolina Custom Cages Reptile T5HO 34" Standard Fixture & Reflector. This 34” model is perfect for oversized habitats greater than 36” in length; although it will "just fit" diagonally in our 36Lx18Wx18H model Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium. Animal should be no closer than 10” directly under the fixture and no closer than 6” diagonally from the sides or ends of the fixture.