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2 Pack Clamp Lamp Fixture with 3 Pack 50W UVA...

Solid Socket : Reptile lamp holder can withstand high temperatures and durability. Flexible & Adjustable - The clamp has a really nice strong amount of pressure, you can maneuver it around 360 degrees to find the perfect angle. Professional Lamp Holder Design : Easy to install and safe to use. Just clip it on the table or other edge of pet house, also please adjust the distance between the lamp and the pets in case it is caught

Carolina Custom Cages Reptile 34″ T5HO UVB + Single GU10...

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. These are our patented Reptile T5HO UVB + Single, Double or Triple GU10 Basking Light Fixtures that provide UVB and basking in one streamlined fixture that is easy to mount underneath the habitat’s top screen mesh. We also offer our Reptile T5HO UVB Standard Light Fixtures in 4 tube lengths; 12”, 22”, 34” and 46”. The 34” series fixtures fit our 48” series terrariums and the 22” series fixtures fit our 36” series terrariums. These are the best fixtures that we’ve ever used for our reptiles’ UVB requirements! This T5HO (high output) fixture gives superior performance because of its high output electronic ballast and its high-efficiency silver reflector. UVB is necessary for your reptile’s synthesis of vitamin D3, which is essential for the effective metabolism of dietary calcium in its bones and blood.

DBDPet ‘s Bundle with Zoomed Reptisun 14″ T5HO Terrarium Hood...

Includes a FREE 5.0 Tropical UV-B T5HO Bulb Perfect for smaller reptile cages Can add a 10.0 Desert UV-B bulb for your desert reptiles like Bearded Dragons, and more!

Flexible Clamp Lamp Fixture for Reptiles. Terrarium Habitat Lighting &...

A professional clamp lamp fixture.Ceramic lamp, metal lamp, anti-hot, long service life and with universal rotation Hanging hole and clamp design, you can clip it on or hang it up Strong stability clip design,360 Degree Adjustable Heat Lamps Holder Stand with clip design which with strong stability. Independent ON/OFF Switch, can freely adjust the brightness and temperature of the lamp, safe and energy saving.

Fluker’s Sun Dome Reptile Lamp – Deep Dome Fixture

The polished aluminum surface inside the dome increases UVB and UVA output to domes with interior white surfaces Deep Dome Clamp Lamp is specifically designed to accomodate larger or longer bulbs, such as our Fluker's Sun-Glow and Sun Spot bulbs Dome diameter 5.5"

nomal Reptile Rock Hide Cave, Reptile Cave Hide Aquarium Habitat...

PACKAGE LIST: 1 Piece Reptile Cave Hideout MATERIAL: Resin PRODUCT SIZE: 5.71" L x 4.33" W x 2.76" H(kindly note: suitable for small pets, may not be suitable for large pets)

REPTI ZOO Dual Reptile Light Fixture for Reptile Dome UVB...

Dual lamp cap integration design,each can bear Max 150W(suit for :Reptile ceramic heat lamp, UVB UVA basking spot lamp,UVB lamp,daylight lamp,and nightlight lamp,Infrared Spot Lamp and so on) Solid and heat-resistant ceramics lamp cap ensure long time use. Two independent switch power lines for easy control separately lamp.The hanging hook easy to hang it with the lamp stand.

Sequoia Reptile Turtle Light LED UVA + UVB Full Spectrum...

✅This Led UVA+ UVB Lamps Use the Latest Technology. Led Lamps Have High Photoelectric Efficiency. 4W is Equivalent to 10.0 26W Lamp Effect. Low Power Consumption and Safety. Longer Lifespan ✅This Led UVA+ UVB Lamps Can Provides the Necessary Radiation of the Sun for Reptiles (visibile Light,UVA and UVB). Keep Your Favorite Reptile Species Basking in Healthy UVA and UVB Rays ✅Reptiles Require UVB Light to Absorb and Metabolize Calcium Which is Essential for Healthy Bone Growth and Preventing Metabolic Diseases. UVB Provides the Warmth Which Cold-blooded Animals Are Used to in Nature.

Zilla UVB Fluorescent Coil Bulb

Zilla Tropical 25 Bulbs provide a full dosage of UVB along with essential UVA light Ideal for tropical or temperate dwelling reptiles that require UVB/UVA lighting Provides UVB light rays which are required for many reptiles to metabolize essential calcium

Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle UVB Heat Lighting Kit

Polished aluminum dome increases light and UV output up to 30% Dual ceramic sockets for use with lamps up to 100 watts (each socket) Deep dome extends beyond the face of the lamp preventing the lamp from "sticking out"

Zoo Med Day/Night Tropical Lighting Kit

This product is easy to use This product adds a great Value This product is Manufactured in China