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[4 Pack] Aquarium Cleaner for Glass Walls – Aquarium Scrubber...

Scrape Off Algae With Ease -- Tired of dirty fish tanks? Our aquarium scraper is a sponge that helps to lift even the most stubborn algae off the glass. Simply scrub the glass walls with the pad and clean water, to help the build-up disappear in no time Made for Glass -- The aquarium scrubber doesn't have excessively sharp or hard fibers. Specially designed to be the ideal glass tank cleaner, as it is specially made to help avoid scratching or damaging your aquarium walls. Please note that this aquarium brush should be used with water and only on glass surfaces. Other surfaces, like acrylic, may scratch Multiple Cleans -- Our algae pad is large and thick when compared to others (3.25” x 3.25” x 1”). This allows you to use each aquarium glass cleaner numerous times. Scrub off gunk as often as you need with our 4 pack

[Upgrade] WiFi Control Automatic Fish Feeder with APP Lychee Aquarium...

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. ✅★2.4 GHz Wifi Control : This Auto Fish feeder easy to use app allows you to feed your fish no matter where you are, easy setup and installation ensure you never miss a feeding due to holiday or busy weekends. Any problem pls contact customer service. ✅★Powerful Timer Functions : Various flexible timer functions can be set by app, it allows you to feed regularly by week or day,accurate timing and quantitative feeding.

2 LB to Complete Freshwater Planted Aquarium Substrate,Aquatic plant cultivation...

Material: cultivation medium of the fish tank is made of black soil, which cannot be cleaned, and has a small amount of impurities. It can be removed with gauze after water injection. Anti-corrosion of the bottom bed: The dense and porous design of the bottom fully guarantees the aeration structure, so that the aquatic bottom will not be hardened, corrupted, and odorless. Continuously soften the water: The super-strong respiratory system inside the soil can absorb calcium and magnesium ions in the water and soften the water. Let the water plants breathe freely to present a more beautiful state.

2 Pack Aquarium Grass Plant Seeds, Aquarium Small Leaf Grass,...

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Easy to grow, no need of CO2, nor strong light. Temperature should not be too low, Add water daily to keep the temperature in the fish tank at around 28℃(82℉).Each bag can plant 30x30cm tank. Can grow in soil. Just sprinkle the s-e-e-ds evenly on the soil, Do not cover the s-e-e-d with mud.

2 PCS Decaying Trunk Aquarium, Natural Fish Tank Wood Decoration...

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. 2pcs Resin Log wood 5.5x2x3.9 Inch aquarium Resin Log wood decoration high-quality natural resin material

2.7lb River Rock Stones Pebbles – Natural Decorative Polished Mixed...

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Natural Polished Gravel: This river rocks are natural lightly polished for smooth effect, comes in a variety of natural colors, Resists fading for long-lasting beauty. Each bag contains a wide variety of natural colors and shapes.Pebbles are polished and coated in pure paraffin wax to enhance color and shine.Only natural stones and wax, no additional fillers, dyes, or oils. An Alternative to Mulch: Use indoors or outdoors,Pebble mulch in interior or exterior garden beds, helps soil retain moisture, provides good drainage, round and soft easy on the feet as there are no sharp edges. They are long lasting and will not deteriorate like mulch does.

6 Pieces Betta Hammock Betta Fish Tank Hammock Betta Fish...

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. 6 Styles: You will receive 6 styles of betta leaf pads; Each leaf pad contains leaves of different sizes, and 6 different pieces of fish leaves are not too single when decorating the aquarium, which can make the aquarium look beautiful Quality material: the betta fish leaf pad is made of quality plastic, which is safe and durable, not easy to deform; Put in the water tank, you will not worry about the edge of the fish leaves that will scratch the body of fish and other creatures, can be at ease to use

7 in 1 Aquarium Test Strips, 125 Strips Water Test...

【 7-in-1 】The aquarium test strips tests for the Nitrate, Nitrite, General Hardness, Free Chlorine,PH, Carbonate,Total Alkalinity, testing your fish tank if it is healthy water. 【 Extremely Easy to Use 】put the pond test strips into the water for 2 seconds and remove it, then hold the strip horizontally for 60 seconds, compare with color chart on bottle to get accurate value of the fish tank. 【 Suits Different Aquarium Tanks 】With consistent testing results, it works well for betta fish tank, turtle tank, reef and more freshwater and saltwater aquarium tanks.

Abnaok Salinity Tester, Sea Specific Gravity Test for Fish Tank...

Safe Material:Made of plastic,aquarium clear Automatic Accurate Readable SaltWater Hydrometer. Durable Clear Acrylic:Accurate, durable, and easy to read your marine aquarium's salt level and specific gravity,Small and waterproof.if the specific gravity between 1.000 - 1.019,show that the specific gravity is small;if the specific gravity between 1.020 - 1.023,show that the specific gravity is nomal;if the specific gravity between 1.024 - 1.030,show that the specific gravity is big; Clearly Safe Zone Indicated:Includes solinity and specific grovity scales.The outside rang of scale indicates salinity(PPT).The inside range of scale indicates gravity.And with safe zone clearly indicated.Range of use: 0-40 degrees (1.000-1.030).If the salinity ppt between 32 - 40,show that the salinity hydrometer is high;If the salinity ppt between 27 - 31,show that the salinity hydrometer is normal; If the salinity ppt between 0 - 26,show that the salinity hydrometer is light.

All By Daddy Automatic Fish Feeder for Aquariums or Fish...

🐠 FEED FISH THE EASY WAY: Our automatic fish feeder for aquarium and fish tank is made to provide you with a simple way to automatically feed your fish at just the right times making it ideal for use on weekends, vacations, or just in your daily routine 🐠 200ML LARGE-CAPACITY: The pond fish feeder dispenser features a 200ml capacity feed bucket so you don’t have to worry about refilling it every other day! It’s suitable for use with granules, flakes, powders and other fish feeds for a no-hassle experience 🐠 GET THE PERFECT FIT: Thanks to the adjustable clamp design, our aquarium feeder provides just the right fit for fish tanks and aquariums of all sizes. It features a moisture-resistant design that locks out moisture to keep the feed safe and dry

All Glass Aquarium AAG25920 Fluorescent Strip Light, 20-Inch

All-Glass Strip-Lights are used with Versa-Tops for proper aquarium lighting These are exact strip-light replacements for Full Hoods 20-Inch Black

All Glass Aquarium AAG25930 Fluorescent Strip Light, 30-Inch

The All-Glass strip-lite is a replacement light for versa-hoods and full hoods or it can be used wherever extra lighting is needed. These models feature internally mounted ballasts with an instant-start circuit that allows you to operate the light on a timer or switch controlled outlet. Bulb Included. IMPORTANT: Only use Strip-Lights over glass tops. They are NOT designed to be used over open water. Please Note: All bulbs are removed from original fixture packaging and shipped separately to ensure intact arrival. All-Glass Strip-Lights are used with Versa-Tops for proper aquarium lighting These are exact strip-light replacements for Full Hoods