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3-in-1 Cat & Kitten Training Aid with Bitter | Cat...

TRAIN YOUR CAT TO STAY AWAY FROM TREATED AREAS: Live in harmony and establish boundaries with your kitten or cat with Bodhi Dog 3-in-1 Cat & Kitten Training Aid with added bitters. Our cat repellent uses a scent your feline friend can’t stand but pleasant to the human senses. With consistent use of our cat training spray, your cat or kitten will associate which areas are off-limits, where a cat’s presence is not desired and deters scratching and chewing. EFFECTIVE FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Keep cats and kittens from sitting, jumping, chewing, scratching furniture, carpet, wood flooring, and drapes within the household. Make sure to reapply the Cat Repellent Spray on any area to keep it kitty free and scratch-free every 24 hours or until the habit is broken. Cats use their sense of smell to determine where they spend their time. Remember that the application rate depends on how severe the cat’s habits are and how often they visit the area. ADDED BITTERS TO PREVENT CHEWING: No need to yell or swat when your feline friend is chewing on the plant! The added bitters in the formula do not scare or harm your cat, it just tastes awful to any surface applied on. Our Cat Spray can be safely and easily be used on fabrics, furniture, woodwork, walls, baseboards, blinds, rugs, plants, carpet, and many other things you don’t want your kitty to chew on! We stand behind the quality of our products.

Bonide (BND871) – Go Away! Rabbit, Dog & Cat Repellent,...

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. REPELS ANIMALS - This product humanely repels dogs, cats, rabbits and a variety of other animals. PREVENTS DAMAGE TO PLANTS & PROPERTY - Safely keeps animals away from trees, shrubs, garbage cans/bags, around the periphery of flowers and vegetable gardens, and other forbidden areas.

Cat Repellent Outdoor Spray Indoor 32 OZ 100% Organic &...

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Cat Repellent Spray Outdoor & Indoor MAKE YOUR YARD, GARAGE, Crawl Space, TRASH AREA FREE OF Pesky Stray and Feral Cats Naturally. Colton’s Naturals Cat spray will keep those pesky creatures out of your space naturally. Great at repelling your own cat, neighbors cats or wild feral cats from your space. Natural Peppermint & Citronella Oil Repellent Ingredients- Kid & Pet Safe & Garden Safe - safe to use around nursing mothers. Keep Cats out of Garden naturally. Organic Feline Repellants - Cat repelant- Safe to Spray in Car engine to prevent cats from moving in. Natural Cat Boundary.

Cat Scratch Deterrent Spray, No Scratch Spray for Cats and...

Cat Spray for Scratching: The cat deterrent spray will leaves a scent cats don't like, making them less likely to stay where the spray has been applied. Our cat spray can help deter cats from scratching or biting things like furniture, carpets, sofas, curtains, and other household items! Safe to Use: This cat scratch spray won't hurt your pet or the things its sprayed on! This plant-based cat spray is inspired by nature and does not contain harsh chemicals or alcohol. And this cat repellent spray will not leaves any stain and residue on the surface of household items. Bitter Cat Spray: The no scratch spray for cats contains a natural bitter taste, which can effectively prevent pets from scratching and chewing. This no scratch spray can have a strong scent to some people, make sure to always use in a well ventilated area.

Diaotec Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Outdoor Weatherproof Solar Powered Rodent Repellant...

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Efficient Animal Repeller: Diaotec 360 degree repeller is designed with 3 sides, each side has an infrared sensor , 2 strong white flashing LED (6 in total )and a 3840Hz ultrasonic speaker, which can sense the animals from all directions so as to improve the range of detection and repel animals from all directions. Smart detective system: The Infrared sensor angle includes 360 degrees(from left to right, not top to bottom). Besides, the detection can detect animal activity within 32ft, depending on animals size (the bigger size, the larger range). It is also designed to work under any weather condition for it is rainproof, windproof and sun proof. Automatically defend your beautiful house!

Enviro Pro 15003 Scram For Cats Shaker Bag, 3.5 Pounds

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Scram for cats shaker bag Americas finest cat repellent works faster, is more effective and is less expensive per square foot than other cat repellents on the market.

Gel Spice Red Cayenne Pepper 40,000 Heat Units – Food...

Great in vegetable soup, meat loaf, pot roast, stews, spiced shrimp and crab. Enhance your culinary experience with hearty flavor, bold taste and vibrant aroma Aromatic and Gourmet with 40,000 Heat Units

Homarden Cat Repellent Outdoor – Cat Scat Mat (Set of...

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. SET OF 10 SCAT MATS – Each spiked cat deterrent mat is 16 X 13 inches so you can cover a large area in your garden. Made with plastic spikes that will not hurt the animals but enough to keep them away. Humane solution to stop cats, dogs, and other pests from digging 1 Inch Plastic Spikes – Each scat mat for cats features 1 inch tall plastic spikes that will be tall enough to deter any pestering critter, cat, or dog from wherever you want. Will not pierce skin or paws but will hurt enough so they don’t ever come back

I Must Garden Dog and Cat Repellent: All Natural Spray...

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. PROVEN RESULTS – Tested and proven to repel Dogs and Cats without harmful chemicals or dangerous poisons ALL NATURAL & SAFE – We use natural ingredients and botanical oils that are safe for pets, safe for people, and safe for the environment. Use as a pet-safe training aid!

NaturVet – Pet Organics No Mark Spray For Cats –...

Pet Organics No Mark! Spray For Cats is a behavior modification spray to safely end urine marking. Simply mist-spray No Mark! on affected surfaces twice daily for one week, then once daily as needed. Simulated pheromones in No Mark! have no foul odors and will not affect any surface that water does not harm.

Safer 5929 Brand Critter Ridder Animal Repellent Granules,Green

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Repels raccoons, skunks, dogs, cats, squirrels, groundhogs, and chipmunks Uses oil of Black pepper, piperine, and Capsaicin to keep critters away

Safer Brand 5926 Critter Ridder Animal Repellent Granules-2 LB

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Repels raccoons, skunks, dogs, cats, squirrels, groundhogs, and chipmunks Uses oil of Black pepper, piperine, and Capsaicin to keep critters away