Studying the Secrets Shark and Ray Blood

Studying the Secrets Shark and Ray Blood Whenever we conduct an annual checkup on our Leopard Sharks and rays, we make sure to collect a blood sample from each individual. But why? So much is still unknown about sharks and rays as a whole. Studying shark and ray blood allows us to uncover clues that reveal a wealth of information about an individual. Are they eating a balanced diet? Is an individual pregnant? Are any environmental factors impacting their health? We can answer all these questions and more by studying their blood. How do you get a blood sample from a shark? A ray? Drawing blood from a shark and ray is a little more complicated than it is for humans. It takes an incredible amount of collaborative work to get the job done! Just like doctors use a needle to draw blood from us humans, our veterinarians use one as well. They’ll draw blood from a vein on the underside of a shark near the caudal fin aka “tail” The process is fairly quick and only takes a minute or two. This process is similar for our rays, with one slight change. Since our rays have an extra defense […]


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